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Man Has Leg Amputated And Invites Friends To Eat Tacos Made From His Own Foot

The longer they hang out, the more likely it is for a group of friends to get into some weird conversations. Not only are they more comfortable with each other and less worried about being judged, but close friends tend to have a lot in common.

Apparently, the group we’re going to talk about today got a little curious about what human meat would taste like. But it’s not like they’d ever be in a situation where they would find out, right?


Our bizarre story starts with a unfortunate, but somewhat common occurrence: A motorcycle accident.

Reddit | IncrediblyShinyShart

Reddit user IncrediblyShinyShart, who wished to remain anonymous, posted that doctors had salvaged his foot, but he could never walk on it again.

So, he chose to have it amputated.

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Written by Goden Snow

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