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7 Dreams that you should NEVER EVER ignore!

Has it ever happened to you that you woke up from a dream that was too real for you? Our dreams have a huge effect on our mood on the following day. Having a good dream will leave positive marks on your day and a nightmare will leave you tired and exhausted. Based on the research done at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Japan, the brain scanned whatever we watch in our dreams like how it scans things when we are looking at real-world objects and matters. Have you ever thought that our dreams might be trying to send us a warning?! Here are 7 dreams that you should never ever ignore!


Fire is the symbol of the passion of love, the anger, the desires, the emotions, the kind that burns the heart down, the desire for devastation, a particular process of growth and a change that can affect everything. Fire in dreams is interpreted as an emergency situation. A catastrophic development. The process of our life in every stage of our life that leaves nothing but the ashes! Based on how the fire appears in your dream, the interpretation changes like playing with fire is interpreted as a warning situation. And starting the fire the sign of anger!

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Written by Goden Snow

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