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7 Signs that you are dealing with an evil heart

6. No responsibility

Just like you are dating a child! You are the one in the relationship who always takes care of everything! They may even be in a relationship with you because they need someone who will take care of them! They might even freak out when it comes to it. Nothing is serious to them. Responsibility is the first step of a relationship and if they are not willing to take it, that is a big sign of being an evil heart! This, if not in a relationship, can even happen at work! Even though they have the higher position, they do not act responsible enough and they keep blaming others.

7. Pathological liars

They are everyone’s scapegoat. How does that work? Nothing is ever their fault. Whatever that is happening because of them in their surroundings has always something to do with someone else and their mistakes. Even at the time, you catch them redhanded, nothing changes. They are not even ashamed, quite the opposite, they act like they wanted you to know. That is also a sign that the person is a psycho so it is better to watch out!

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Written by Goden Snow

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