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7 Signs that you are dealing with an evil heart

4. Misleading

Friends that you have in your life are meant to be there to help you through life and let you know that no matter where you are, how mislead you feel when you go to them, things are always going to be alright because you know you are not alone! When it comes to people with evil hearts however things are different! Way too different! Not only do they mislead you more, but even if you are already on the right path, but you have doubts, they show you the wrong path to let you rot in misery!

5. Cruel

Based on whatever we have already mentioned, it is only normal for them to have the cruelest personality of all! Some of these people as we have already mentioned are the ones that no matter what, they want the worst for you. Doesn’t really matter how close you are to them emotional wise. You might even be their partner! Some of these partners end up in an abusive relationship that they can never run out of! In case you are with someone you feel like they are too aggressive, leave the relationship before it is too late!

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Written by Goden Snow

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