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7 Signs that you are dealing with an evil heart

2. Control freaks

This also is one of the signs that make things even worse when you are with someone with an evil heart. They might consider themselves as controlling but the thing is, it is way more than that! If they find themselves in a situation that they are not taking care of, they will do anything to go back to the controlling figure even if that would mean destroying everyone that helped them along the way before. If you let these people get close to you in your life, they will try to take the hang of that as well and control it the way they want!

3. Lies

When you ask people what they hate the most, the majority go with the answer ‘LIES’ but not everyone’s acts upon it! Some people think that it is ok to lie if the purpose behind it is to protect your loved one but it is not! All those tiny little lies are potent enough to harm your relationship and leave it wounded. When it all piles up, at the end of the day, it all blows up in your face. This is not only about lying, whatever you see on this list is beyond all that you see! They do not only lie a little bit, the whole thing about them is a lie! Every single thing you know!

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Written by Goden Snow

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