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7 Signs that you are dealing with an evil heart

Have you ever been with someone who is full of bad intentions?! And not only for the fun part of it, someone who enjoys seeing other people’s misery. It is a form of entertainment for them! If you have been there, you know what we are talking about now, but if you have not, it is better to watch out because there are so many of them all around! The only way to get away from these people is to just leave them right away and cut them out of your lives. For the ones who do not know how to recognize evil hearts, here are some signs!

1. Enjoy your pain

Not only do they feel happy to see you in pain, they might also do something that might cause you that pain! These people know nothing about sympathy and all they see is happiness in other people’s misfortune. They might even feel relieved, which happens in cases where you are, let’s says, in the same position as them. If something terrible happens to you, they feel like that is the best thing that could have happened to them. However, these are not the only signs!

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Written by Goden Snow

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