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7 Psychological tricks to be the most charming person

Charm is basically the power or quality of delighting, attracting or fascinating others. Have you ever met someone that was simply irresistible? You probably couldn’t put your finger on it, but there was just something about them that made you want to be around them. Jeff Haden, one of the most influential people and popular people on LinkedIn explained how some people can easily gain the trust of everyone and create a positive image of themselves.

Here are 7 psychological tricks to be the most charming person in your group:

7. Not afraid to lose

People with a charming personality don’t try to win at everything. On the contrary, they don’t expect anything in return for the amount of effort they put in. You will be open to admitting to mistakes, failures or talk about your weaknesses. The best part is that charming people can openly say “I envy you” or “Could you teach me how to this?” because they know people appreciate honesty and real emotions.

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6. Show that they’re sincerely glad to meet someone

In a conversation, maintaining eye contact is a very important aspect. People who have charisma know this for sure. They smile when you smile and frown or nod when you do. They are focused on what you’re saying and listen to you carefully, paying attention to all your emotions and works. Such feedback helps them find a common ground with anyone and gain the trust of your talker.

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Written by Goden Snow

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